Water Vapour Transmission Test

The 60 th Meeting of ISO/TC61 -plastics, September 2011, JAPAN BARRIER SOCIETY

A.t. provides water vapour/vapor transmission rate (WVTR) test for high-barrier and low-barrier material. The water vapour transmission rate test requires controlled environment (controlled air temperature and humidity). Material can be characterised into high-barrier and low-barrier material. Typical high-barrier material includes metal thin film, aluminum composite film, OLED thin film, OPV unit, a-Si PV, epaper, LED unit. Low-barrier material includes PET, paper, textile tissue, etc..


The test standards and equipment should be considered carefully according to the properties of material. The water vapour tranmission rate test can be performed according to the following test standard:

- ISO15106
- ASTM E96
- ASTM F1249