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A.t. is a material testing laboratory located in Hong Kong, providing laboratory testing for construction material, porous / water permeable paving, etc. Test can be made on performance parameters, such as, Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), water permeability, emissivity / emittance, albedo, solar reflectance, reflectivity, light transmittance. For more detail, please visit our services page.


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A.t. locating in Hong Kong, provides laboratory testing for construction material, water through bricks, water permeable paving, etc. We have an enviable reputation for delivering a quality service which includes accurate and timely data, expert support and a culture of safety and innovation.

A.t. operates in the architectural and construction material testing services. Our future will see a significant expansion of the testing services which are fast becoming an industry requirement.




"A.t. has taken significant step in expanding its footprint in the testing markets for sustainable building material and SRI measurement. A.t. accelerates the upgrade of its existing services into emerging testing requirement in key strategic markets including BEAM Plus / LEED. The insight to sustainable development also provides a broader service offering to local clients."

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